18th Edition – Rules & Regulations

Article 1 - Date
Sunday, October 5, 2014
Article 2 – Start/Finish
Gaiole in Chianti, Siena, Italy
Article 3 - Routes
L’Eroica offers four different routes: Each participant has the opportunity to choose either a long or short route that best suits his or her fitness level.
The choice of route must be indicated at the time of registration.
It is however still possible for participants to change their original choice of route up until the start of the event, without incurring any penalty.
The whole route will be signed with arrows; you must however be familiar with the "road book". The “Garmin” route plan can be downloaded from
Article 4 – Starting times For those starting before 06.30 am, it is obligatory to have front and rear working lights on the bicycle plus a high visibility jacket according to the Rules of the Road.
Article 5 – Application to Ballot procedure
L'Eroica 2014 will have about 5,500 participants, divided as follows: 2,500 randomly selected by ballot from those who apply; 2,500, divided between over-60s, women and 500 guests of the organization.
The criteria for eligibility are as follows: • Organization’s invited guests.
Article 5.1 – Registration of Men under 60 years old
Applications for participation in the ballot, reserved for men under 60, will be open from February 1st to March 3rd 2014 exclusively online through the website
Applicants to the ballot will need to complete the form with the required data, they will have to pay € 2.50 each using the methods outlined in the online procedure and must leave a valid e-mail address. The mentioned e-mail will be the only possible contact between the applicants to the ballot and the organization of L' Eroica until the completion of registration. Once the € 2.50 is paid to qualify for the ballot it will not be returned, this sum is to cover operating costs.
Reservations can be individual or group (A group is one or more persons who intend to participate in L' Eroica together. A group can be composed of persons who are not from the same team)
It is not be possible to make more than one application to the ballot per person; failure to comply will result in the applicant’s disqualification in the following two editions of L’Eroica.
It is permissible participation in the ballot both as an individual in one group.
Groups should participate in the ballot cumulatively referring to only one person “the group leader” in the application procedure, the group leader is required to complete the group registration form and make a single combined payment.
Ballot details
The draw will be made by a Notary after March 3rd  2014.
Individuals: Each applicant is included in the draw once.
Groups: The draw for groups (2 or more people) will be made by entering the name of the group (during the application process you will be asked to create the name of your group) in the list of amount of times drawn according to the number of participants, following the scheme:
from 2 to 4 participants: 1 (one) possibility;
from 5 to 9 participants: 2 (two) possibilities;
from 10 to 14 participants: 3 (three) possibilities ;
15 to 19 participants: 4 (four) possibilities; 20 and over participants: five (5) possibilities.
Important: Please note that applicants can enter in the draw in one group only; failure to comply will result in the applicant’s disqualification in the following two editions of L’Eroica.
The results of the draw will be published on the site
The successful applicants (individual or group leaders) will receive an e-mail from the organization with instructions for completion of registration. Failure to complete the application process by the deadline indicated in the e-mail or if the e-mail supplied at the time of application to the ballot should not be operational the registration will be considered as not valid and cancelled (you may want to enter the email of L' Eroica as a trusted e-mail address to avoid potential e-mail SPAM filters).
Group registrations will be confirmed only to the group leader who is personally responsible to complete the registration process including payment for all members of the group.
The organization will continue the above process, until the maximum number of registrations is completed.
Article 5.2 - Registration of Women and Men over 60 years old
Women of all ages and men born before December 31st 1954 (Over 60s) may enroll by March 15th 2014 to 30th June 2014:  
The entry fee is set for all at € 45.00. Banking fees or charges must be paid by the sender.
Registrations for charity:
From May 15th 2014, subject to availability and only through the website there are available at least 100 entries with the increased price of €100.00 (Aluminum)
From June 15th 2014, subject to availability and only through the website there are available at least 100 entries with the increased price of €150.00 (Titanium)
From 1st September 2014 until September 5th 2014 and only through the website there are available at least 100 entries with the increased price of €200.00 (Steel)
The increased amount compared to the normal registration price will be allocated to charitable causes adopted by L'Eroic Foundation.
During the registration the opportunity is given to choose a charitable cause.
Article 6 - Criteria for admission
Only cyclists with "L’Eroica" bicycles will be permitted to participate.
"L’Eroica" bicycles are bicycles which have all the following characteristics:  
Steel-frame bicycles, of new construction but with vintage characteristics, may be used (but joints must be welded in construction) and they must be assembled using vintage components (gear levers, handlebars, pedals, etc).
Both tubular and clinchers/inter-tubes are allowed, the adjustment of the rear wheel with higher gears is allowed, due to the difficulty of the course.
Exemptions regarding the type of bicycle will be granted to participants with disabilities, as long as they make a specific request to the organization.
For the 38 km route, other types of bicycles will be admitted, such as postman’s bikes, general working bicycles, leisure bicycles, municipal bicycles etc., as long as they have the vintage characteristics described above. Mountain bikes are excluded because they did not exist before 1985.
Any registered cyclist who arrives at the start line or is found on the course with a bicycle that does not conform to the rules and regulations of the event will be disqualified immediately.
Participants aged between 15 and 18 years will only be allowed to participate in the 38 km or 75 km routes.
The over-65 age group will only be allowed to participate in the 38, 75 or 135 km routes.
The management reserves the right to disqualify cyclists whose clothing or behaviour is in any way unsuitable or inappropriate.
Cyclists not registered for L’Eroica will not be permitted to join groups on the day of the event, as they are excluded. In case of accident they will be held responsible for any damage caused.
Registrations will not be accepted from participants who have been disqualified from their respective cycling federations or clubs due to the use of drugs or for any other reason.
Participation in the Eroica is strictly by invitation and the Organizing Committee can at any time, at its discretion, without prejudice and without any obligation to provide reasons for its decision, decide whether or not to accept the registration of any cyclist.
Article 7 - Registration - Insurance Policy
The registration fee is €45.00, from the opening of registration until the last place is filled, and includes:  
At the time of registration, it is possible to reserve an aluminum bottle for the price of €10.00, to be added to the overall cost of registration.
All foreign L’Erioca participants may participate in L’Eroica insurance by making a special request at the time of registration to accept the insurance cover provided by the organizers for the day at a cost of €5.00 to be added to the registration fee.
Article 8 - Payment
The following are the accepted forms of payment:  
Payments must be made payable to:
L’Eroica SSD, Via Don Minzoni, 47 - 53034 Colle di Val d'Elsa (SI). All expenses are payable by the sender.
Those who pay by postal order are required to send a copy of the receipt by fax to:
fax +39 0577 1602062;
or by e-mail to: Cheques or other forms of payment will not be accepted.
For the registration of cycling teams - just one combined payment with the name and surname of group leader is acceptable.
Article 9 – Confirmation of Registration
Registration will be considered complete only when the registration fee is paid in full, all the information requested above has been provided and confirmation of receipt of payment has been received from the organization.
Check L'Eroica website for the updated list of entrants. Your name will be added once your registration is verified and payment received.
The list will be updated once a month.
Article 10 - Substitutions or cancellations
Substitutions are not permitted nor may registration be carried forward to the following year.
If a cyclist is unable to participate, he/she will be entitled to a refund by sending a written request by e-mail to:, no later than 31 July 2014, indicating:  
Article 11 – Dates of collection of participant’s entry numbers
In Gaiole in Chianti To collect your entry number, you must present a valid identity document.
The number will only be delivered the registered participant or group leader who has sent to the registration of the group.
No proxy is permissible.
Article 12 - Maximum time, closure of routes & assistance
The maximum time is fixed at:  
If arrival at the coarse location “Piana crossroad”, is later than 10.30 am, it will be mandatory to detour onto the route 135 km.
If arrival at the coarse location “Castelnuovo Berardenga”, is after 6.00 pm, you will be required to detour to Brolio and Gaiole in Chianti, along the public road.
If arrival at location “Pianella”, is after 6.00 pm, you will be required to detour to Gaiole in Chianti, along the public road.
The last refreshment stop, at Castelnuovo Berardenga, will be guaranteed up to 6.00 pm.
Medical assistance is not provided along the routes, except in the case of medical emergencies.
There is no official mechanical assistance. However private vehicles can assist on the route only if authorized by the organization of the event.
Article 13 - Opening and closing times of refreshment stops for longer routes (135km - 209km)
On the long routes, refreshment stops and time-checks are expected to open as follows: At least one surprise inspection will be introduced.

Article 14 - Check Stamps
These are the only evidence that the route has been completed. Your "road book" will be stamped at the starting line, at various points throughout the day and again at the finish.
The “road book” will be red for the 135 and 205 km routes and green for the 38 and 75 km routes.
Article 15 - Use of helmets
In this regard, the text of the UISP Regulation, to which this event is affiliated, applies:
In these special events (leisure cycling), the use of historical frames, traditional costumes, vintage clothing and accessories is authorized, along both white and asphalt roads.
The rules for leisure cycling events (cicloturismo) apply, according to the regulations for such vintage cycling events, for those participating with vintage bikes and clothing, it may not be necessary to wear a hard helmet (leather helmet, cap etc..). The organization and participants are insured in the same way as other UISP cycling activities.
Article 16 – Prizes
Participants who complete L’Eroica will receive a prize based on the route completed. The prize will include a bottle of Chianti Classico wine for everyone. In order to receive your prize, go with your bike and stamped “road book” to the designated area in the vicinity of the finish line.
Furthermore, a special prize will be awarded by a panel of experts to the first 10 'heroes' who complete the 205 km route with vintage bikes and clothing of particular historical value.
Article 17 - Complaints
In the event of a complaint please e-mail the organization: within ten days of publication of the list of participants who completed L’Eroica.
Article 18 - Information
L’Eroica – Ciclismo d’Epoca SSD - Via Don Minzoni, 47 - Colle di Val d'Elsa 53034 (SI)
Article 19 - Cancellation of the event
If, for reasons of force majeure, the event should not take place, the amount paid to the organization will not be refunded.
Article 20 - Variations
The organization reserves the right to make changes to the regulations at any time. The website is the only official source of information regarding the event. Therefore, all official communications will be made known only through this website.
Article 21 - Characteristics of the event - Warning
L’Eroica is a LEISURE CYCLING EVENT on open paved and white gravel roads; the whole route will be open to general traffic and therefore it is OBLIGATORY for all participants to respect the rules of the road. It is also compulsory to carry a full set of puncture repair kit and tools.
Article 22 - Disqualification
Disqualification will apply (2 years) in the following cases:
• Participants wearing the number of another participant on their jersey.
• Participants found on unauthorized detours or shortcuts.
• Participants who behave inappropriately or in an offensive manner to judges or employees of the organization.
• Participants who throw rubbish outside of the allocated area at the refreshment stops and time checks.
In severe cases, at the discretion of the organization, a lifetime ban can be enforced.
We appeal to everybody’s sense of civic duty to maintain and keep the territory clean.
Article 23 – L’Eroica and L’Eroica Running - combined award
All those who complete L'Eroica 205 km route, will be entitled to a €10.00 discount off the cost of registration for L’Eroica Running marathon or ultra marathon, to be held in Gaiole in Chianti on 2 November, 2014.
A special prize will be awarded to those who complete the following events:
- L’Eroica 205 km route + L’Eroica Running marathon: "Combined Prize"
- L’Eroica 205 km route + L’Eroica Running ultra-marathon: "Extreme Combined Prize"

Article 24 - Final Rule
In participating in L’Eroica and having read the Regulations, each participant:
• acknowledges to have read and approved the regulations and accepts all of its parts;
• guarantees correct and civil behavior during and after the event;
• declares to be in good physical condition and to have undergone a medical examination for this leisure event (cicloturismo) or general bike racing, providing the organization with the broadest indemnity for any personal injury or damage that may be incurred as a result of participation in the event;
• consents to the use of his/her data, even for commercial purposes, as set out in the provisions of the Privacy Act No 196 of 30/06/2003;
• grants the organizers consent to use, as permitted by law, including for profit, all video footage, photographs, etc. taken during the event, and from the moment of registration, providing the organization with the right to supply such images to third parties;
• expressly authorizes the organization, without charge, to use fixed and/or moving images, portraying his/her own person, taken throughout the duration of the event. This authorization is to be considered indefinite and without territorial limits around the world, for use in various publications and films, including, by way of example and without limitation, promotional and/or advertising material of any type. The organization may also concede to third parties and their institutional and commercial partners the rights of use specified herein.
The organization and its partners accept no responsibility for accidents or damage to persons or property, which may occur before, during or after the event or as a result thereof. The organization reserves the right to exclude from the event any cyclists who are guilty of misconduct before, during and after the event.

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